Web Application Firewall

​​​​Web Application Firewall

The web portals, new functions, lots of various applications are always changing and the number of vulnerabilities of web technologies are increasing constantly. The WAFs are the most up to date technologies that protect your systems even without a complicated development cycle.


Where others finish, we begin

One of the biggest Czech insurance companies, together with its regular ICT solution supplier, was having trouble with deploying the application firewall. The firewall didn't function according to expectations, and it was impossible to find the error even through many hours of trying.

The insurance company addressed AEC and asked for our assistance. Our team quickly analyzed the entire setting of the firewall and its entire integration into the network infrastructure. Due to their knowledge of security technology, protocols and standards, our team found the crucial errors and described them within the first day. The team proposed an effective solution that led to a fast remedy of the problems and enabled the insurance company to go on with the concerned important ICT projects.

The solution's description

The Web Application Firewall protects the web pages and web applications against the attackers who take advantage of the vulnerable spots of the applications and protocols in order to steal data or to change the appearance of the company's web pages.

It protects web applications against attacks like the denial of service attacks (DoS). Contrary to the traditional network firewalls, or detection penetration systems (IDS) that simply penetrate through HTTP, HTTPS or FTP operation into the web applications. The Web Application Firewall works as two-way proxy of this operation. It checks to see if the operation contains attacks and isolates the web servers from the direct access of the hackers. In addition, the Web Application Firewall eliminates the attacks executed by the intentional changes of the application's queries (e.g. disables the cookies' modifications).

Contrary to the detection penetration systems which only analyze the binary patterns, the Web Application Firewall takes over the entire operation system in place of the web server. It decodes the communication and drops the unauthorized characters or queries and normalizes data. In addition, the systems enable the protection against sensitive data abuse. Roughly 70 % of all reported attacks today are aimed at the application layer.



Our services' benefits

  • Significant reduction of the riskiness of applications (a drop in the possibilities of compromising situations).
  • Ensuring a high availability of applications.
  • Lowering the costs of deployment of the new application versions.
  • Detailed overview of the monitored applications' operation.


In this field we have lots of experience with project implementation for important companies in their branches, e.g. The Czech Postal Service. We will be happy to provide more references upon request.

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