Secure development

​​​​​​​Secure development

If security is not an integral part of the software development life cycle (SDLC - Software Development LifeCycle), then the security vulnerabilities and holes occur on a regular basis. An after-effect security solution at the end of the development usually causes subsequent expanses.

Due to the Secure SDLC, we apply security principles and standards throughout the course of the entire life cycle of the software's development, and we help to identify and eliminate the potentially vulnerable spots of the applications in time.


Your costs will go up if you don't solve the security issue from the start

One important bank, together with an external supplier, decided to develop a new major bank system. It addressed us to ask for help with securing this system from its inception.

We drew up a complex methodology of security development based on the NIST methodology together with the list of the basic security requirements for the solution being developed. Subsequently, we proposed how to incorporate these requirements into the development processes, and we described the details in the project documentation.

The development of the whole system took about three years, whereas the security architect took part in the regular meetings of the team of developers. At the same time, he helped during the development itself by giving consultations. Regular penetration tests were the integral part of the support. They continuously verified the resistance of the core banking system against potential attacks.

Due to the implementation of secure development SSDLC, the company saved 75% on finances, when compared with the costs of securing the system after the development was finished.

Safe development of the applications from inception to deployment

There are many reasons to think about application development security right at the beginning. The main reason is that, as a final result, the cost of the entire life cycle of the application will be lower. At a time when the security is an integral component of the application from the beginning, it means that, for example, even their own design and application proposal counts towards the secure approach immediately.



What secure development can bring you:

  • Elimination of possible financial losses
  • Compliance with legislative requirements
  • Protection and preservation of the company's goodwill
  • Avoidance of technology or personal data theft
  • Prevention from security incidents


We have lots of experience with project implementation for important companies in their branches, e.g.:
  • VÚB
  • Home Credit International
  • Škoda Auto

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