Security technologies. Everything from AV to online banking architecture, including biometrics. We implement security solutions tailored to your needs. We provide analysis, design, integrations, testing, audits and trained support.

A Brief info

  • The highest level of certification for individual technologies and partners
  • Analyses & assessments - assessment of infrastructure security from the security architect‘s point of view (applications, IS, networks and more)
  • Implementation - proposals (solution design), implementation, development and support of security technologies in the customer's environment
  • Configuration audits – configuration audits of various technologies (network devices, servers, applications and more)
  • Security training & technology administration education
  • Security operations centers - preparation for the deployment of SOC in the customer's environment, creation and implementation of processes, technologies, training, and more
  • Expert consultations in the field of security

Products and Solutions

Endpoint Protection

Network Security

Cloud Security

IoT Security

Security Management

AEC Security Technologies Division