AEC Security Academy

​​​​​​AEC Security Academy

Using short and simple videos, the employees will learn everything about information security, methods of information protection and prevention of information leakage.


Boost the weakest link in information security – the human factor

We carried out a test with a customer using social engineering. The result was an alarming number of employees who disclosed confidential information to us. Using that information, we could easily get to the company data. We thus identified the need for training employees in the risks they face.

From  our offer, the contracting entity selected training in the form of e-learning. In short entertaining videos, the employees learned everything about IT security at the workplace as well as in everyday life. According to the feedback, they appreciated the engaging form, understandable lecture and usefulness of the information for everyday life.

After a while, we repeated the social engineering tests and reached considerably better results. The employees were able to recognise threats and respond accordingly. Only those who had not completed all courses acted incorrectly.

Solution description​​

Video courses

  • Secure network behaviour
  • Surfing the internet safely
  • Secure email
  • Security outside the office
  • Mobile device security
  • Secure passwords
  • Deleting and shredding information
  • Storing data on USB
  • Classification of information
  • Employee responses to a security incident
  • Phishing
  • Fundamentals of data privacy
  • Social engineering:

  • introduction and most frequent attacks (March 2023)
  • technological attacks (April 2023)
  • physical attacks (June 2023)


    ​Benefits of our solution

    Entertaining form 

    The courses consist of engaging animated videos. 

    Short videos 

    The average length of each course is set at 6–8 min​​utes. This is an effective length for sharing information, as users maintain their concentration and take in the shared content. 

    In four languages 

    Localized into Czech, Slovak, English and German (selected courses). 


    The courses end in a knowledge test. 


    Obtain a clear report on the training and also the results of the final tests. 

    Created by IT security specialists 

    The courses are created by actual IT security spe​​cialists. 


    Access to the webinars we organise in response to the current cyber situation.

    Training platform 

    With the aid of short and user-friendly videos, your employees will learn everything they need to know about information security, how to protect information and prevent leaks. 

    Each course ends with a test of the participant’s knowledge which provides them immediate feedback and gives management a comprehensive overview of the overall level of security awareness within the organisation. Any weaknesses can be quickly and accurately identified on the basis of the analytical results and the appropriate measures subsequently put into place. 

    We adapt to your needs

    • Option to order a course customised to suit your needs
    • User environment adapted to use your company’s logo and colour scheme 

    Choose the solution that suits you 

    Provision of courses with our platform 

    Connect to our platform and you can start the entire training process right away. We’ll train your administrator, who can then import and manage users, assign courses, create reports, plan the training process and send e-mail notifications. With everything supported and maintained by us. 

    Provision of courses for your platform 

    Got your own platform and want to use only that platform for your training? You can! We can provide you with courses in a format that enables them to be easily incorporated into your training platform. 

    Create a secure culture in your company 

    The e-learning platform is only part of the process designed to raise awareness of security issues in your company. To help achieve this objective, we also offer the following services: 

    • Phishing campaigns 
    • Social engineering testing 
    • Creation of posters and other visuals
    • On-site trainings

    About AEC 

    The weakest link as far as cybersecurity is concerned is the human factor, which often stems from mere misunderstanding. The Security Academy therefore combines the use of state-of-the-art technologies with aspects of teaching and psychology. It contains not only comprehensive subject matter comprising elaborate videos, e-learning and detailed on-line training, but also a range of other unique methods that can make such an impression on trainees that the topic of cybersecurity will become a natural part of your organisation’s culture. 
    We are experts with thirty years of project and training experience behind us, which enables us to explain the psychology of attackers and thus realistically portray security threats based on everyday situations.​


    We are happy to share our experience with the implementation for significant companies in the field upon request.

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