Vulnerability Management

​​​​​​​Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is a complete process involving the detection, analysis and evaluation of vulnerabilities, including removing them. From the point of view of system security, Vulnerability Management is absolutely key, and therefore every company should have it in place. Vulnerability scanners or Vulnerability Management tools can be used to easily and quickly detect vulnerabilities on a network.


Vulnerability is just the start

A major Czech company encountered a security incident where their public servers were attacked. We analysed the attack and found that the attacker had gained access to the servers by exploiting a well-known critical vulnerability. Upon gaining a toe-hold, another vulnerability was used to gain higher privileges on the servers and thus sensitive data was accessed. So that it could prevent these problems in the future, the company decided to implement vulnerability and patch management.

At first it seemed obvious what was needed - install a vulnerability scanner to identify vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. However, upon consulting our specialists, the customer was surprised to find that it was not enough to simply install the right scanner. To effectively remove the vulnerability, it was necessary to fully involve the IT department in charge of installing patches and updating applications in the entire process.

By working intimately with the customer, we implemented the vulnerability management tool and created a vulnerability and patch management process that provided guidance to IT departments on how to remove vulnerabilities and select the highest priorities. The company is now able to identify and eliminate critical vulnerabilities within hours, which greatly reduces the likelihood of any future security incident being successful.

Don’t be inundated with critical vulnerabilities

Prioritisation is a key function for effectively removing vulnerabilities. If the output of your vulnerability management is hundreds of critical items that you merely report to asset owners, there is no real removal of vulnerabilities. A suitable tool for Vulnerability Management must make the administrators’ work easier, not the other way around! Prioritisation is crucial, as it takes into account other important parameters than just CVSS. Above all, it provides up-to-date information from Threat Intelligence, information on the possibility of exploitation and defines its difficulty or specifies the type of vulnerable system.

Vulnerability Management Systems can be easily integrated into various SIEM systems. Part of these solutions is, of course, the design and best practices, thanks to which administrators will receive immediate instructions on how to correct the identified risks.

This technology not only brings you an immediate overview of the risk and vulnerability of your network, but thanks to flexible reporting, which is fully customizable, you have documents available, for example, for audit purposes or for CSOs. These reports are easy to understand for different consumers. A significant advantage is the saving of internal FTE, which are spent in companies on the manual implementation of such tests.

AEC Vulnerability Management  

Installing the solution is not the end for us

We are a stable partner in the field of security. For us, the project does not end with simply installing a scanner. Vulnerability Management includes a whole host of specific areas and we can help you in each one. We can set up the entire process so that it is fully automated, while serving to effectively remove vulnerabilities and prevent security incidents.

AEC Vulnerability Management 

Tenable Cyber Exposure Platform

As a platinum partner of Tenable, we offer a wide portfolio of products for Vulnerability Management and together they provide the “Cyber Exposure” score. This term is used by Tenable to assess the likelihood of exploiting a vulnerability that could lead to a serious security incident.

AEC Vulnerability Management 

How can we help you?

  • Choosing and implementing a suitable tool,
  • setting up the vulnerability management processes,
  • technological integration (SIEM, Service Desk, CMDB and others),
  • creating and customising reports,
  • vulnerability analysis and evaluation,
  • hardening and compliance checks.

Why choose AEC?

  • We have been implementing VM products since 2010.
  • We have dozens of implementation and integration projects behind us.
  • We design and develop our own integrations, which we test in our environment.
  • We have done hardening on more than 40 different platforms.
  • We are a platinum partner of Tenable, whose technology we brought to the Czech Republic.


We have years of experience in the implementation of numerous projects for leading organizations in their branches such as:
  • Česká pošta
  • Telefonica O2

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