Network Security

​​​​​​​​​​Network Security

Network security is essential for the protection of client data and information, to secure shared data, ensure reliable network access and performance, as well as for protecting against cyber threats


Our story

Network Security includes designing, implementing and administering network technologies to protect companies’ information systems. One part of this service is, for instance, areas such as access control, network protection against malware, application security, architecture analysis, network monitoring, firewall and VPN configuration and various other types of protection associated with network security. 
Network security is fundamental when protecting client data and information, securing shared data, ensuring reliable network access and performance, and protecting against cyber threats. A well-designed network security solution reduces overhead costs and protects the organization from costly losses. Ensuring legitimate access to systems, applications and data enables business operations to run smoothly and services and products to be delivered to customers. 
The main advantage of our service is its complexity, which all starts with the design itself. This is specific and tailor-made for each customer. From the outset it includes a deep analysis of the given environment’s security. Thanks to this, we can implement the planned technologies with precision, both in terms of operation, security and cost. The overall complexity of this service is rounded off by the possibility of giving full support for the technologies in operation, as well as consulting services.

Solution description 

In the framework of Network Security, we offer the following products: 

Our advantages 

  • ​What can we help you with? 
  • ​​the security design of your networks, 
  • the design of suitable technical measures, 
  • their implementation, 
  • the subsequent administration and support, 
  • audits on architectures and technologies, ​
  • answering your questions and various other requirements. 

​The added value of AEC ​

  • ​​​We develop our own tools to make technology administration easier for us and our customers. 
  • We test different combinations of technologies and their mutual integration. 
  • We use internal best-practices based on real-world experience in various environments.
  •  We advise our clients as best we can. We do not try to offer specific products. 
  • We are a long-term partner. We don’t focus on short-sighted sales of technologies that are unsuitable for our clients. 
  • We work together with other security teams to keep abreast of other technologies and maintain continuity with the results of penetration testing and analyses that we have already made.

Why pick AEC? ​

  • ​​​We are one of the well-established Czech security companies and have been successfully operating on the market for over 30 years. 
  • We listen to our clients and adapt our services to their needs and timeframes. 
  • Our team is made up of specialists with a great deal of experience in the areas of development and ethical hacking. 
  • We follow the latest trends in development, security and technology. 
  • When analysing source code, we put an emphasis on manual reviews as they reveal a greater number of bugs than conventional, automated solutions. 
  • We enable comprehensive security audits by combining several security disciplines. 
  • We build our services on years of experience and time-tested standards.


We are more than happy to share our experience in projects for major organizations, just ask.

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