​​​​​​​NBA – Network Behavior Analysis

Are you looking for a way to identify changes in the network effectively, or detect new types of malware or completely unknown attacks? With the help of Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) products our team is ready to assist you with this process.


We identified computers that employees used to carrry out hackers’ attacks against their own company

A new security manager started at a developer's company that is a part of an international holding company. After his brief analysis, he suspected that some of the company's employees were trying to obtain sensitive data.

So the manager decided to address AEC to have the ICT security properly tested. After a quick briefing about the company’s infrastructure, we were able to propose the optimal way to solve it within one week. We plugged in the NBA system into the internal network in the hidden mode for one month, so none of the employees knew about it. Within a month we found the suspicious computers, on which we performed an in-depth forensic audit that took another month.

After two months we were able to give the security manager a complete report on which computers were used to launch the attacks. The company's managers thought our findings were shocking, because they couldn't have imagined that such attacks could be happening.

Based on our report we helped the security manager draw up a functional plan for securing the company against external attacks, and also against its own employees. In addition, we helped him to choose and deploy NBA technology.

NetFlow Security

NBA (Network Behavior Analysis) is a system that executes an intelligent analysis over the Net Flow network data and it is able to identify all operation anomalies including subtle ones. NBA is additional to regular security systems (IDS, IPS, Firewall, application proxy) as it comes to behavioral analysis over NetFlow data determined to uncover new, unknown, and advanced attacks in the network.

What does NBA bring to you?

  • Overview about what is happening in the network (protocols, communication).
  • Internal and external attacks detection.
  • Lowering the network operating costs.
  • Monitoring the services and users.
  • Tool for solving network incidents.


We are the pioneers of this technology in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Our professional team carried out a number of successful implementations for important companies in the field, e.g. for T-Systems Company. Other references will be provided upon request.

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