Privileged Access Management

​​​​​​​​​​​Privileged Access Management

Attackers generally tend to target privileged accounts so they can compromise the entire organization instead of individuals. With a PAM solution, we can focus on your security weaknesses, such as multiple users that know the same password for a specific service. This will reduce the risk stemming from long-standing static passwords that administrators don’t want to change.​


Our story​

At our fintech client, we used Privileged Access Management (PAM) to store and manage the access data of accounts with higher privileges, with regard to the highest possible protection from the point of view of security and at the same time control and monitoring of access to this data.​ 
As part of the project, we provided expert delivery not only at the level of the technical solution itself, but also at the level of implementation and integration of individual privileged account management models. This includes active cooperation on the definition and implementation of the necessary guidelines, so that the expectations of security, cooperation and integration with existing identity management systems are met. Thanks to this approach, we deliver not only a product, but also a functional solution.
Privileged access management is critical in any organization, as privileged accounts pose a significant risk to an organization or business. If an attacker attacks a standard user account, they will only have access to that particular user's information. However, if he succeeds in compromising a privileged user, he immediately gains greater access and the ability to sabotage other systems as well.
Attackers primarily target those privileged accounts so that they can compromise entire organizations instead of individuals. With a PAM solution, we can solve your security weaknesses, such as access by multiple users knowing the same password for a specific service. In this way, we will reduce the risk arising from long-lasting static passwords that administrators do not want to change.​

​​How it works ​

The intention behind a PAM system is to store and manage the access data of accounts with higher privileges. This is done whilst focussing on the highest possible security protection and while controlling and monitoring access to this data. The system can manage different types of privileged accounts - local technical and service accounts, domain accounts, local administration accounts or personnel accounts. It can cover almost all functional requirements such as: 

  • managing access, 
  • managing passwords and SSH keys, 
  • replacing login credentials hardcoded into applications, 
  • managing the privileges of privileged accounts, 
  • isolating privileged access, 
  • real-time auditing, 
  • detecting suspicious behaviour. 

We put more care in when dealing with privileged accounts. This is because if administrator or service account login credentials fall into the wrong hands, it could compromise the systems in your entire organization as well as confidential data. 


  • Secure central password storage
      • ​Central records 
      • ​Managed access to stored assets 
  • Password/key management
      • ​Password/key complexity settings
      • ​Password/key rotation settings
      • ​Validation for passwords/keys 
  • Isolation and auditing of privileged sessions 
      • ​Detailed audit of account usage 
      • ​Auditing keystroke sessions and video recordings 
      • ​Compliance status of individual accounts

Why pick AEC? 

  • We are a successfully established Czech security company that has been on the market for over 30 years. 
  • We listen to our clients and adapt our tests to their needs and time constraints 
  • Our team is made up of specialists with a great deal of experience in development and ethical hacking 
  • We follow the latest trends in development, security and technology. 
  • When analysing source code, we place an emphasis on manual reviews, which uncover more errors than conventional automated solutions. 
  • We carry out comprehensive security audits by combining several security disciplines. 
  • We build our services on years of experience and time-tested standards. ​​​​


We have many years of experience implementing a number of projects for major organizations. Among the most important references, we can name, for example, Komerční Banka (KB a.s.) or Homecredit U.S. and others.​​

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