Identity Management

​​​​Identity Management

Identity management deals with the management of users, roles and permissions. It increases security, automates, streamlines and speeds up processes within the company, it also helps with preparation of audit controls. 


Identity Management Solution

Identity Management System (IdM) is a solution for management centralization of identities management to one place during their lifecycle. IdM solution works with actual entities (identities) which are either direct or indirect participants across the entire system playing some clearly defined role. Every organization has different requirements and ideas about the lifecycle, therefore, tailored solution is always a must. When designing solutions, it is necessary to consider all entities, their roles, permissions, needs, duties, and responsibilities, but above all, to apply security principles over the whole solution in order to minimize the probability of leakage of sensitive data.



IdM Key Benefits

  • Identity management centralization into one place for all types of accounts.
  • Increasing the identity management transparency by its visibility.
  • Shortening the time spent on the identity management and administration (creation, change, deletion, etc.)
  • Creating a catalogue with roles and duties for each system and application.
  • Minimisation of human errors by automation.
      • Reducing the possibility of leakage of protected information by applying strict access management following security principles such as SoD, LUA, and others.
      • Segregation of Duties (SoD) – dividing duties for the reasons of preventing the possibility of direct self-approval by the applicant (applicant vs. approver). The Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP) – giving the application or system users the least possible privileges feasible for the performance of their activities.

AEC Services

Identity management analysis

Detailed analysis of the process and functional procedures for identity management in the company environment, where all roles and their permissions, including their link to the company organizational structure, are assessed.

Design and creation of a role catalogue

Permission is the key to performance of any activity executed in the target system. This set of permissions should be combined into application or system roles, while applying security principles over the set.

Design and creation of an identity management process  

Identity lifecycle, from its creation in the system, through any changes, all the way to archiving or deletion thereof, is defined by an identity management process, which always needs to be modified per the company requirements.

Integration and implementation plan

Any of the custom-made applications or systems may present quite a complication when trying to centralize management of identities. So, it is necessary to identify the possibility of their centralization and logging, including the priority for connecting them to the IdM solution. However, it is not necessary only for such applications and systems, but for all others as well.

Solution integration and implementation

Inputs from the analytic phase will be applied in the real world by actually connecting the applications and systems into the Identity management solution.

Adapting the solution

Each company operates in a unique way. And this is the reason why each identity lifecycle management process has to be unique as well. Therefore, it has to be modified to reflect the capabilities of the implemented solution.


Things that had to be done manually in the past have to be automated as much as possible. Automation significantly lowers the costs that need to be spend on the identity management.

Consulting services

One of the key AEC assets. We can provide these services because our company is diversified into specialized divisions (Security Technologies, Risk & Compliance, Security Assessment, Cyber Defense Center). This way, we are able to enrich all outputs through reciprocal interconnections and mutual collaboration with the knowledge and insights from different angles into the overall situation.


We cooperate with companies and organizations across the entire market for the long-term. Our customers not only include international companies, but also small businesses and entrepreneurs. We offer maximal cooperation to all of them and we provide them tailored services regarding their size and the sphere of their activity. We’ll gladly provide concrete references upon request.

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