We are now TISAX certified
We are now TISAX certified

​We have recently added another important standard to the list of our security certifications. Following the implementation of all necessary measures we have obtained TISAX® certification. This is a German security standard that guarantees the trustworthiness of organizations and their ability to protect the information of automotive industry partners.

“As a company that offers its clients the highest level of cyber security, information security comes first,” noted Hana Vystavělová, AEC Compliance Manager, who added: “Our efforts to obtain TISAX® certification were helped considerably by the fact that we have long been compliant with the current international ISO/IEC 27001 standard, which defines the requirements for information security management systems.”

Over time, representatives of the automotive industry have come to demand the systematic and trustworthy information security assessment of partners in the form of TISAX® (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certification. The reason for this is the growing amount and importance of sensitive information exchanged and processed between automotive service providers and suppliers.

The TISAX® certification guarantees the ability of companies to protect the information of their clients and associates and minimize cyber risks. This confirms the ability to meet the most demanding customer requirements, including preventing misunderstandings and risks when exchanging information and protecting prototype the ENX portal​.