We are in the TOP 10 teams in the world of the Capture the Flag competition!
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We are in the TOP 10 teams in the world of the Capture the Flag competition!

​​​​The AEC team, made up of Erik Šabík, Miriam Gáliková, Lukáš Bendík, Petr Řepa and Michal Kališ, finished in a fantastic ninth place in the world-renowned Tenable CTF competition. Our five colleagues, who joined forces as Želvy Ninja (Ninja Turtles), thus considerably improved on last year’s result, which was still an impressive twenty-first place.​ 

Five hectic days, 1 357 registered teams, but just a handful of truly successful ones. That was this year’s international Capture the Flag competition organised by Tenable, the American provider of top-class vulnerability monitoring solutions and also one of our company’s major partners. 

This year, our artists Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello and Master Splinter relentlessly fought their way through the competition to finish amongst the top ten very best teams from all over the world. From 9 to 13 June 2022 each of them completed a whole range of tasks focused on IT security to win as many points as possible for their team. 

This year’s CTF was really interesting, especially as it emphasised dealing with attacks from the real world​,” said Erik Šabík, adding: “Tenable is a particularly renowned company in the security world, and just because it faces the highest level of current threats on a daily basis, we could expect this competition to be a major challenge.” 

The Ninja Turtles team was made up of five AEC pen testers, each specialising in a slightly different area, which proved to be an advantage in tasks that covered a broader scope. Erik, Miriam, Lukáš, Petr and Michal first focused on the areas that interest each of them the most, and completed tasks in which they excelled. 

“We worked together to try to find solutions to the most difficult tasks,” explained Erik Šabík. He said that, paradoxically, the team struggled most with the lesser-scoring, tasks, which were apparently easier. Yet they coped very well with the toughest assignments. 

The tasks in this year’s Tenable Capture the Flag included web applications, reverse engineering, cryptography, steganography and forensic analysis. There were a couple of tasks focusing on the Tenable Nessus scanner, as well as on analytical thinking. 

In the opinion of our successful colleagues, what helped them the most in this year’s achievement was the skilled make-up of the team and the fact that the hardest tasks they had to deal with were not so different from what they face in their work for AEC.