Jubilee 25th Anniversary of the SECURITY Conference
Jubilee 25th Anniversary of the SECURITY Conference

On Thursday, 23rd February, the 25th year of the SECURITY Conference took place in Prague’s Congress Hotel Clarion. This year, this traditional meeting attracted almost 650 security managers and auditors from the entire Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. It is only with difficulty that you can find a similar event in our territory that is focused on information security with such a tradition, attendance and character.

SECURITY 2017 was again divided into the management and technical sections. The lectures in both halls were wholly synchronous and each visitor had the opportunity to arbitrarily move from one hall to the other and compile an own programme from the presentations, which corresponded to his interests. The AEC organisers at the conference annually open especially current and timeless topics. This year, the major topics were the problems of GDPR (Management Hall), Ransom ware and Internet of Things (Technical Hall).


An autonomous programme committee strictly supervises the quality of the individual papers. Commercial product presentations have no place at the conference. Emphasis is placed on the high professionalism and independence of the individual lectures. And naturally on the practical benefits to the individual attendees. While leading foreign specialists were mainly invited to last year’s conference, this year’s afternoon programme comprised the case studies of realised domestic security projects.

Based on a vote by the attendees, the most highly appreciated lecture was delivered by Senior IT Security Consultant Ing. Martin Klubal of AEC that organised the event. In his presentation titled “ATM Hacking in practice”, he demonstrated how easily and by what methods it is possible to overcome ATM security. The second ranking speaker was Bedřich Košata, Chief Science Officer of CZ.NIC, who focused on the first big problems of the Internet of things. The imaginary winners’ podium was supplemented by two speakers with the same result. Igor Hák of Virus Lab ESET Software acquainted the attendees with the history of ransom ware and added a lot of practical demonstrations and several humorous situations from practice. Jan Tomíšek in the GDPR block analysed incident reporting, new obligations of processors and risk management.


However, the SECURITY Conference is not limited to the lecture halls. Its components are also the accompanying workshops and round table sessions. An ever more popular part is the hacker competition in which the participants under the guidance of AEC penetration testers fulfil set tasks from the areas of hacking, cracking, reverse engineering, cryptology and ICT security in general. No less significant was also the exhibition part with an array of the solutions provided by conference partners. Many stands were occupied by the members of the senior management of the companies, which lent the event even greater prestige.

According to the assessment made by the attendees, the conference fulfilled their expectations. The visitors remained on site until the very end. From the huge acclaim from the attendees, filled-in questionnaires and interviews conducted, additional interesting topics have been identified for next year. The organisers would like to thank all lecturers, attendees and all others who participated in the creation of the unmistakable atmosphere of the SECURITY 2017 Conference. At the same time, they promise that they shall do everything possible to ensure that next year’s event will also be a place where security experts will find inspiration for their difficult work.