CDC Team Receives Recognized International Accreditation
CDC Team Receives Recognized International Accreditation

​​​​​The monitoring team at our Cyber Defense Center (CDC) has been accredited by the Trusted Introducer Service. After detailed verification, the experts of the renowned certification authority formally confirmed the high quality of the CDC’s day-to-day operating activities and their compliance with the recognized international standard.

The center received accreditation in mid-November this year, exactly three months after submitting its application. Until then, the team was listed on the certification agency’s TI list of operational teams without assessment and confirmation of the quality of their work. Having gained accreditation, CDC colleagues now face the challenge of becoming the agency’s certified partner.

"In terms of the processes we carry out every day, accreditation has not changed anything for us, because our work has always been of the required quality," said Lubomír Almer, Head of the Cyber Defense Center, and adds: “This was simply formal confirmation that the work of our center is of a demonstrably high order and complies with international standards."

Accreditation confirms, among other things, that the activities of the audited entity comply with well-defined formalized processes and that its services are provided to a clearly defined standard, including transparent and verified procedures. In addition to the ability to promptly and correctly respond to unforeseen incidents and events, the agency also assessed other aspects such as corporate culture, approach to selected issues and the center's vision.

The Trusted Introducer Service agency recognizes three categories of teams: listed, accredited and certified. Certification would mean access to a number of new benefits for the CDC, including the fact that teams at the highest level are willing to share valuable knowledge. This represents a literal treasure trove of new information and is an important motivating factor for the further development and improvement of every company's current practices.

"Efforts to obtain formal recognition of our work are not only in line with the CDC’s mission, but also that of AEC. In this way, we try to help our people grow professionally, gain insight, contacts and, of course, professional certificates,” says Igor Čech, AEC Marketing Manager, and concludes: "We believe that we do our job well, but we also realize that it is our openness to new challenges and ideas and our willingness to confront established practices with the competition, that continues to move us forward."