AEC receives Cyber Security Award
AEC receives Cyber Security Award

AEC has received the Cyber Security Award 2019 from the Acquisition International Committee in the categories of Most Innovative Cyber Security Providers and Ethical Hacking Specialists of the Year. The Committee experts examined one year of their work and were evaluating the data collected for over three months. Only projects that actually had something to offer could thus pass through the imaginary sieve.

The Most Innovative Cyber Security Providers Award was commented on by the Head of the Product Management, Maroš Barabas: “In the field of information security, we have been introducing innovations to our markets for almost thirty years. During that time, we have brought in several global brands. Together with selected clients, we create pilot incubators in which those clients help us to test and further develop new technologies. The cooperation is great and, thanks to it, many of our clients are a step ahead compared to conventional security standards. Cooperation and partnership in innovation bring about great results and constitute a part of our long-term strategy. That strategy also includes a balanced portfolio, long-term consulting services and the effort to support start-ups and innovative solutions.”

The Ethical Hacking Specialists of the Year Award was given to the Head of the Penetration Department of AEC, Lukáš Bláha. “The Pentester Department is the largest division of AEC. We have invested in the training of employees and, over the past six years, we have also executed large projects abroad. Our ethical hacking specialists have gained great prestige for example in Indonesia, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium and elsewhere. However, we carry out most tests for foreign clients in the Czech Republic. We have extensive know-how based on long-standing experience. We are very flexible, effective and reliable, and we are not afraid of challenges. We deliver real quality to our clients. We greatly appreciate the award; I see it as an award for the entire team. I am proud that a relatively small Czech company can achieve such a success in a prestigious international competition,” he added.

Cyber Security Award 2019