Security Awareness
Security Awareness

​The number and severity of social engineering attacks is increasing dramatically. Hackers unerringly target the weakest component of corporate protection, i.e. the human factor, using increasingly sophisticated methods and technologies.

Random attempts at distributing fraudulent letters are a thing of the past. Today, businesses and institutions face sophisticated phishing, completely believable fake phone calls and, more and more often, attacks using artificial intelligence.

The goal of all these activities is to misuse employee accounts and gain access to the company’s system so that the attackers can then blackmail the company or use it as a springboard to attack its partners.

A company may have the most sophisticated technological protection there is, but it is useless when an attacker decides to focus on deceiving poorly trained employees instead of breaking complex codes.

The defensive wall of any company is only as strong as its weakest link. And that link has always been and will always be people with their typically human imperfections and weaknesses. Findings show that there is no more effective protection of the corporate environment than informed employees who can react correctly and in a timely manner.

The best way to protect the company from cyber criminals is to train its people. To turn weakness into a strength. See how we can help you at​.