Data Loss Prevention

​​​​​​​Data Loss Prevention

The most valuable property for a company is data. Imagine how your company's reputation would change if your financial reports, proposals, and clients' records got into the hands of your competition, or they were leaked to the public. The system of DPL protects sensitive information against targeted attacks, as well as from the company's own employee abuse.


No more leaks!

The company's management suspected that the information system leaked some data. They knew what leaked but had no idea how it happened. The IT department recommended to implement a DPL protection system against the data leak.

At the beginning of the project we analyzed the users' activity and the data streams, identified the vectors of escape and proposed the appropriate measures to eliminate them. This fact makes us different compared to other suppliers who just took action directly of deployment of the pilot operation of the DPL. At AEC we proposed a complete sensitive data security conception represented by a set of measures that have to be implemented. Afterwards it was the right time for the implementation of the DPL technology, which was completed by installing a suitable tool for documentation classification and employee training.

The DPL is an effective tool for sensitive data protection but only with a complex approach to its implementation into the information system, which we consider perfectly normal.

The solution's description

The data loss prevention technology servers for identification and protection of data and information against their loss or theft. It is suitable for companies that need their sensitive data to be protected and monitored.

This technology manages to monitor data at the end stations as well as at the servers, even during their transfer across the network. Due to its deployment, it is possible to effectively prevent data leak or loss, for example through external media, like flash discs, USB, external discs, etc., and as well when sending data via electronic mail, when sharing inside the web network, or when printing them.



Why solve this issue?

  • Possible financial loss.
  • Legislative requirements.
  • Loss of company's reputation in the marketplace.
  • Theft of technological patents or clients' personal data.
  • Prevention from security incidents.

The security benefits

  • Monitoring of all the sensitive data streams.
  • Possibility of passive monitoring as well as active intervention (e.g. blocking, encrypting and so on).
  • Automatic search and clean-up of sensitive data from free accessible servers.

The organizational benefits

  • A higher ranking worker is automatically informed about an employees's attempt to give away sensitive information.
  • The system teaches the users how to treat sensitive data.
  • Employees are aware of the supervision, which has a preventive effect.


We are the pioneers of this technology in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Our professional team carried out a number of successful implementations for significant companies in the field, e.g. at TRCZ company. Other references can be given upon request.

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