Our everyday work in AEC has a major impact on many people. Considering our company business activities, we are aware of our responsibility not only towards our customers, but towards their clients as well. And of course, even our partners and colleagues are rightly expecting us to be honest in every action.

Even though the security technologies and standards are continuously evolving, our commitment does not change. Our goal is to maintain the highest level of expertise and quality, as well as of business ethics, transparency, and integrity. It is not only what we do, but also the way we do it that is decisive when it comes to our good reputation; and that is one of the most valuable AEC assets. The same as with any other property, good reputation has to be developed and protected too.

Our Code of Conduct defines the main principles of work life in AEC, as well as the relationships with its employees, partners, customers, suppliers, and the society in general.

We in AEC apply equal approach and we make sure that all employees are well informed, with emphasis on our ethical values.

Our Mission

Our position is based on time-tested work and on responsible approach to all tasks. We bring long-term relationship based on knowledge, understanding, and mutual trust to customers and employees.

We bring technical innovation and complex technology solutions to our customers tailored to their specific conditions. We always try to understand our customers’ needs and to integrate the designed solutions, so they fit into their current diverse infrastructure. We are continuously and purposefully searching for new possibilities for improvement and we efficiently reflect them in our services. We put emphasis on comprehensible communication with our customers and on honest approach to all the things we do.

Compliance with Laws

Compliance with all applicable laws and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the basic rule for AEC.

We in AEC create an environment that is the best possible for each given employee’s performance of work. Working conditions reflect all requirements defined by laws and the International Labour Organization conventions. Our employees are obliged to adhere to principles of occupational safety and health protection. AEC guarantees safe and healthy working environment and makes effort to continuously improve it. Neither forced labour, nor any other forms of involuntary work are used at our places of work.

Free movement of workers is not restricted as no employee identity documents are being retained.

There are no children employed in AEC and the employees do not work in hazardous conditions.

Competition rules are observed, both at the national, as well at the international level.

All financial transactions are accurately recorded, and our accounting adheres to the accounting principles and criteria of the Czech Republic. All AEC reports meet the Czech accounting principles (CZ GAAP) as well as those defined in the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Equal Opportunities

All the candidates for job in AEC are evaluated according to their qualification, expert know-how, and personality profile. We disapprove of discrimination criteria.

The rules for remunerations, career growth possibilities, and distribution of financial bonuses are clearly set in AEC. We do not raise any barriers to career growth based on differences of gender, religion, or origin.

Not one from our employees may be exposed to acts of psychological or physical violence. We denounce any attitudes or behaviours discriminating or damaging personality, opinions, or preferences of an individual. Not even hints of sexual harassment are compatible with the AEC company culture. Any violation of the ethical code or internal directions is severely judged by the company management.

Relationships with Our Customers and Suppliers

We pay particular attention to the following five guiding principles in our relationships with the business partners.

1. Transparency

We always act transparently towards all interested parties, and we respect anti-corruption policy. AEC credibility cannot be compromised by violation of ethical principles on the part of individuals representing our company.

Offering gifts

Gifts and promotional items can be given to customers, suppliers, consultants, or dealers only if these do not go beyond normal courtesy relations, are of a symbolic value, and in accordance with legal regulations.

Accepting gifts

Employees may accept small occasional gifts of promotional character and gifts of common character in connection with official visits. They may further accept small gifts in cases when declining the offer would be impolite or insulting (e.g. refreshments during business meetings, etc.). In case the gift does not fall into the gift of small promotional character category, or the employee is not sure about its value, he/she is obliged to report it to his/her manager.

Our employees may not, directly or indirectly, ask for or accept any financial or material rewards which could affect their objectivity and impartiality in future decision-making and delivery of services. Participation in official and educational activities organized by our technology partners does not count as a reward, however, any invitation to a social, cultural, or sports event does. If employees are not sure whether they may take part in some particular event, they shall contact their manager and he/she will make the decision.

Employees must report all cases where the threats to impartial negotiation and decision-making may occur (e.g. personal prejudices, previous inappropriate behaviour, etc.); management has to deal with these situations in such way as not to cast any doubt regarding the company impartiality.

Any person attempting corruption must be immediately alerted to the fact that such conduct is unacceptable. If he/she does not respect it, any step necessary in order to rectify the situation must be taken, up to and including the possibility of total interruption of all business contacts with that person.

2. Protection of information

We handle the information and data that we process, receive, or create in course of cooperation according to the valid legislation, concluded contracts, and in accordance with the AEC security standards. Strict rules regarding handling of our business partners’ and customers’ non-public data apply within our company. The received data shall be never used contrary to the purposes for which it has been received, e.g. to address customer’s or business partner’s employees.

3. References

In AEC, we are mindful of our good name and reputation. References are an important feedback for us. We devote appropriate efforts into acquiring them, namely by controlling the quality of delivery on our projects. Our references are no empty phrases, but true stories, and we always cite only real projects completed to customer’s satisfaction.

4. Competences

Many years of experience in the field, as well as excellent know-how when it comes to specifics of individual industries, provide guarantee of professionally rendered services. Our people acquire the highest level of professional certifications in the information security area. We support their personal and professional development and we created AEC academy with regular internal trainings.

We regularly achieve minimum rate of key employee fluctuation; many of our colleagues have been with us for 10 years or longer.

5. Quality

The quality of the work done is the highest priority for us. We are recommending only such solutions that are really according to the customer’s requirements, with emphasis put on their benefits. We do not see our job as simply delivering the required solution, but as perceiving the root causes of issues and discovering the most appropriate solutions leading to the maximum customer satisfaction. Our aim is to become long-term reliable partner for our customers. We see our added value in care for the customer, as well as for the solution, even after the project has been finished.

Mutual trust between the customer or partner and our employees is of major importance for us. “We are not anonymous” is the motto of our communication strategy. We are well aware that the AEC brand is created by all employees, on any position. Therefore, we make sure that there is a company culture being created where any individual represents AEC not only in his/her professional, but in private life as well.

Political Engagement

AEC does not provide any financial or other types of contributions, nor it gives any recommendations, direct or indirect, in favour of any political party, committee, or an individual politician. Our employees may not provide any political contributions in the name of the AEC company, either through the company funds, or its means. AEC provides only such donations and sponsorships that do not lead to distortion of the competition rules.


AEC adheres to principles of environmental protection and has a continuing interest in improvement of its quality. When working, we prefer to use the products that are compliant with ecological requirements. If the character of the work assignment allows it, we prefer electronic and paperless office. We make it easier for our employees to use environmentally friendly means of transport.

Protection Against Retaliation

AEC shall not take any action against the employee who gave information about violation of the ethical code. This does not apply to persons who knowingly made false allegations or deliberately provided false information.