Endpoint Security

​Endpoint Security

Endpoint protection is not simply about antivirus software anymore. Modern trends are working with words like obfuscation, fileless malware, phishing, polymorphism, exploitation and others. Are you ready for this?


Due to the product independence, we propose solutions tailored to your needs and we can help with implementation as well.

One of the biggest sellers of consumer electronics was looking for antivirus and antispam protection that he would implement not only in his company, but in the entire holding which he was part of. He was looking for a tool that would unify various products used by companies of the holding and used at various end devices. For help he turned to AEC.

In AEC we prepared documents and recommended three products meeting his ideas. We described their advantages and disadvantages, including the managers point-of-view, for presentation to the holding management. So the customer could promptly choose the most suitable solution with a central administration and functions exceeding the originally required antispam and antivirus. Two months after the selection we implemented the new solution into the entire holding including the training of the employees.

The solution's description

Security functionalities

Nowadays, any endpoint security solution has to keep pace with all the trendy changes in malware development and endpoint attacks. We encounter types of malware that cannot be dealt with by the standard signature-based detection; then there is fileless malware not using any files for spreading and infection, and more often than not, malware exploiting the operating system and application vulnerabilities. To keep you protected against these types of attacks, your endpoint protection solution should have at least the following features:

  • Signature and behaviour- based detection,
  • Ransomware protection,
  • Protection against malware using fileless attack methods,
  • Using machine learning for unknown malware detection,
  • Anti-exploit protection,
  • Protection from phishing,
  • Internet traffic and file download monitoring control,
  • Endpoint Detection and Response module pro forensic incident analysis.

System management functionalities

Besides the security features, it is desirable for such a solution to include also endpoint system management functionalities. Among the basic ones are:

  • Application Control for whitelisted and unauthorized applications management,
  • Option to set access to websites per URL or content,
  • Operating system updates and third-party applications management,
  • Hard drives encryption or management of the solutions embedded in the operating system (BitLocker, FileVault).

Mobile devices

A high percentage of companies are now allowing their employees to use their mobile phones for business purposes, regardless of those being corporate or the so-called BYOD/CYOD devices. Endpoint security products do not specialize only in the classic computers and laptops, but also in mobile devices. To learn more about mobile devices protection, go to the Mobile security product page.

Our Partnership

We offer endpoint security solutions by the top rated global companies, enabling us to advise our customers to make the right choice and to deliver the best product that is right for them.

  • Avast
  • AVG
  • Eset
  • f-Secure
  • Check Point
  • McAfee
  • Norman
  • Symantec
  • TREND micro
  • TrustPort


ESET, the pioneer in the antivirus industry and producer of acclaimed NOD32 technology, is a global provider of computer security solutions for companies and final customers. ESET protects more than 100 million worldwide users and is dedicated to developing high-performance security solutions, while detects and deactivates all known and incipient forms of malware. A wide range of solutions offers protection in all types of environments and platforms. Excellent detection skills and low system requirements of solutions has been valued by independent organizations such as VB100 and AV-Comparatives.



Benefits of our Services

We are not simply a solution provider, we want to become your long-term security partner. Our job is not done with antivirus installation to the last laptop in the company, but on the contrary, we keep going. We offer our customers technical support services for the implemented solution, we provide regular checks of the implemented solution status and its updates.

We conduct our own testing of malware and endpoint security tools by various vendors, we analyse the latest threats and attacks and then publish articles on these topics. We do our best to pass all this acquired knowledge and information to our customers, thus providing them with quality consulting services even after the solution implementation has been finished.


Our company was founded in 1991, initially as a provider of a purely antivirus solutions. Over the time, we have installed endpoint protection products on as many as tens of millions of computers. Our largest installation to date has covered 30,000 licenses connected to the central management. But we are not providing consulting services only to the medium-sized and big companies, we can advise entrepreneurs and small businesses as well.

Among some of our customers are, e.g.

  • Fakultní nemocnice Hradec Králové
  • Statutární město Karlovy Vary
  • Hamé
  • Bidvest Czech republic
  • Minerva
  • Fenstar
  • SMP CZ

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